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Here's the 2022  Class Schedule in Chronological Order.  If you would like to check  for availability in a class, click on the email   icon   and it will generate an email. Tell us which class and how many people you'd like to book and we'll  quickly get back to you.

Due to our commitment to give each participant a hands-on cheese making experience, class size is limited six people. 

For a detailed description of a class, click 



Mooooo-Exploring Cow's Milk Cheeses

Feta, Munster, Coeur de Beurres & Fromage Blanc

Saturday, May 7th   9am-4pm $135.00 per person


The Impatient Cheese Maker

Feta, Chevre, Fromage Blanc, Cabecou

Saturday, June 4th 9am-4pm $135.00 per person


One Gallon  Wonders-All Goat Milk Cheeses

Chevre, Cabecou, Valencay & Hearts of Gold

Saturday,  June 18th   9am-4pm   $135.00 Per  Person


The Impatient Cheese Maker

Feta, Chevre, Fromage Blanc, Cabecou

Saturday, July  9th 9am-4pm $135.00 per person


I   Ain't   Got   No   Cave ,  Man   (Or   Woman!)

Feta,   Squeaky   Curds, Fromage   Blanc &   Boursin

Saturday,   July 23rd 9a-4pm   $135.00 per person


One   Gallon   Wonders-All Cow's Milk

Double   Cream Camembert, Squeaky   Curds , Fromage   Blanc  &   Boursin

Saturday,   August 13th   9am-4pm   $135.00 per person


Mooo-Exploring   Cow's Milk   Cheese

Feta,   Fromage   Blanc,   Couer   de   Beurres   &   Munster

Saturday,   August 27th   9am-4pm   $135.00 per person


I   Ain't   Got No Cave , Man   (or   Woman!)

Feta,   Squeaky   Curds, Fromage   Blanc   &   Boursin

Saturday, September 10th   9am-4pm $135.00   per person


Celebrating   With   Cheese

Feta, Double   Cream   Camembert, Munster   & Boursin

Saturday, September 24th   9am-4pm $135.00   per   person


One   Gallon   Wonders-Cow's Milk   Cheeses

Double   Cream   Camembert,   Squeaky   Curds, Fromage   Blanc    &  Boursin

Saturday, October 8th   9am-4pm    $135.00   per person


Celebrating with   Cheese

Feta,   Double   Cream   Camembert,   Munster & Boursin

Saturday, October 22nd    9am-4pm  $135.00   per person


Gift Certificates

Whether for the holidays, a birthday, anniversary or just to say you love someone, a cheese workshop is a great gift. Gift certificates are available for all our workshops and for private classes. Just contact us by clicking below and we'll make arrangements for a gift certificate to be delivered to your door.



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