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Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's


How hard is it to make artisan cheese at home? 

If you can follow a detailed recipe you can make artisan cheese at home.  I always try to streamline my recipes so it makes sense for the home cheese maker in an average kitchen.


And my recipes are very detailed! Coupled with your hands on experience learning different techniques during your cheese class, you'll leave with the written back up you need once you get home to your own kitchen.


Like any new hobby, you will probably have to invest in some new equipment but considering the great cheeses you'll be making-it's a reasonable investment.

How many people attend each cheese making workshop?

We purposely limit all the publicly scheduled classes to six individuals so everyone gets a hands on experience in the cheese kitchen. My motto is "hear it, see it, do it" when teaching so I don't want you standing around just listening to me.  We'll make curds, cut curds, form cheese and learn the techniques you need to go home and make great cheese.

Custom/Private classes can be anywhere from a one on one cheese making experience to a maximum of eight individuals. Private classes are customized to what you want to learn. Once we've talked, we'll come up with a game plan to customize the class to your wishes.

Where are your cheesemaking workshops located?

Red Gable Cheese Workshops  is located outside Sparta Tennessee about a 90 minute drive from Nashville, Knoxville & Chattanooga. Nashvillle International Airport (BNA) is most likely the easiest hub airport with flights from almost any destination in the country. Atlanta is about a 3 hour drive.

This is a beautiful relatively unspoiled part of the country with award winning State Parks and lots of outdoor recreation. On your way, you can enjoy the new "it" city of Nashville-with it's legendary music scene or the quaint downtown of Chattanooga.

Where can I stay/lodging in the area?

We are fortunate to have Firefly Acres with it's five rental cabins right next door. There's also some air BNB's nearby. Cookeville, a small college town about 25 minutes away, has all the box hotels and many restaurants to choose from.

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