Due to Covid, we will be offering an abbreviated schedule in 2021. Public classes will be offered August through the beginning of October. Private class dates are also available August through the end of October. Should we extend public workshops further into the Fall, we'll notify you via email.

We are commited to providing a hands-on learning experience, so all classes are limited to six participants. Classes are conducted in our specially designed cheese kitchen and include plenty of hands-on cheese making, detailed recipes, lunch & refreshments.

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One Gallon Wonders!

Who knew such little milk could make such great cheese? This workshop is dedicated to the one gallon wonders! Each of the four cheeses we cover in this workshop make an impressive cheese with around a gallon of milk. Their great value and show stopping taste are sure make them a staple in your cheese repetroire.
After covering the basics of cheese making and the equipment required, we'll dive into making four distinctly different cheeses.  First, we'll learn to make Fromage Blanc-a really rich cream cheese. Next is Coeur de Buerres, a beautiful heart shape bloomy rind cheese. Then we'll explore Squeaky Curds-the quick and easy darling of the midwest cheese scene that provides instant cheese gratification. Last but not least, French Boursin-a lemony, garlicky, herbal spread. Once you make Boursin at home, you'll never go back to the store bought version!
Cost of workshop includes hands on instruction, detailed recipes, refreshments and lunch.
Price Per Person:  $135.00
Saturday, August 21, 2021 9am-4pm


"I Ain't Got No Cave, Man" (Or Woman!)

Sometimes people just want to explore the world of cheese without investing too many dollars in equipment.  A "cave"-generally a beverage or wine refrigerator used to age cheese is one of those items that some might want to delay spending money on until their cheese hobby becomes a full fledge habit.

Sooooo, here's the workshop for you! We'll explore four delicious cheeses that do not require an aging cave. Each is relatively light on equipment and supplies required to make the cheese.  As an added bonus, you can use high quality store bought milk to make each one of them.

First up is Feta. Stored in a brine solution, it's not only super tasty but a great value for your money and it keeps in a brine solution for months. Next is Squeaky Curds. If you're from the midwest, you know these are a staple on the cheese scene and the instant gratification of making them and immediately consuming the "squeak" is hard to beat.

Next, we'll make French style Boursin-a lemony, garlicky, herbal spread that is a crackers best friend. Last but not least, everyone needs a good Fromage Blanc-a really rich cream cheese that puts the store bought version to shame.

This workshop is designed for the  curious foodie beginning their cheese making journey. Price of instruction includes hands on instruction, detailed recipes, refreshments and lunch.

Price Per Person: $135.00

September 4, 2021 (Labor Day Weekend)




Moooo-Exploring Cow's Milk Cheese

 This class explores the basic's of making cheese with an emphasis on setting up your kitchen followed by a fast paced hands-on class exploring the different techniques required to make Feta-a salad's best friend, Fromage Blanc-a rich cream cheese style cheese, Coeur de Beurres-a beautiful heart shaped bloomy rind and European style Munster-a beautiful slightly tart cheese pressed in basket weave moulds .

These four cheese processes are distinctly different so you'll learn multiple techniques to help build your cheese making repetroire.
And best of all, these delicious recipes can be made with either high grade store bought milk or your own farm fresh milk. 
Price includes hands on instruction, detailed recipes, lunch & refreshments.

         Price Per Person: $135.00
Saturday, August 7, 2021 OR Saturday, September 18, 2021

Note:  August 7th is the weekend of the World's Longest Yard Sale. Stretching from Alabama to Michigan, it's regularly featured on HGTV and you can literally find everything including the kitchen sink. It comes through Tennessee about 30 miles south of our farm and could be a fun long weekend of cheese making and shopping til you drop. What could be better than that!


Celebrating with Cheese-The Gift of Artisan Cheese

This workshop is designed for the person who wants to give homemade cheese as a gift or simply simply wants to have a beautiful artisan cheese plate for special ocassions. In addition to detailed recipes, a timeline is provided for starting each of the four cheese recipes so that your gift basket or cheese plate is ready to go on a specific date. Perfect for the upcoming holiday season, weddings, birthdays or anniversaries.

During the class, you will learn how to make four cow's milk cheeses that present beautifully as a gift or on a cheese plate. Together, we will make Baby Berts-a petit version of the classic Double Cream Camembert. Then it's Feta-presented either in a plain brine or marinated in different flavored olive oils.  Followed by Tasty Tidbits-a small drum shaped wheel of cheese perfect for the gift basket. Last but not least, we'll do French style Boursin-a  lemony, garlicky, herbal spread perfect on crusty french bread or a buttery cracker.

Price of class includes hands on instruction, detailed recipes, lunch & refreshments.


Price per Person: $135.00

Saturday, October 2, 2021