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A Special Thanks


There have been many, many beloved people that have landed me where I am in my life right now. I believe in counting your blessings and trying your best to live with an attitude of gratitude. In that spirit, as we launch the next phase of our journey, it felt appropriate to thank some (not all) who have inspired and helped me along the way.


First, and most of all, my husband, who has supported without question this endeavour, believes in my abilities and has been there every step of the way. I love you dearly!

Second, to my Mom, who's artistic abilities taught me at a young age to appreciate things of beauty, some simple and some complicated. To her posse-Donna, Joan & Linda, some who taught me as a child and all as a woman that friendship is full of kindness, patience and understanding.

To my grandparents, who gave me the spirit and fight to create an idea and then to stick with it. I will always be grateful that at a young age you infused a love of gathering food, drink and opinionated friends around a table. To Granddaddy's young bucks-Tom, Royce, Pat and the newly found Bob-who all keep his unique literary memory alive.

To the Julie's & Karen's in my life-one a sister in birth and the other sister's in spirit, you have each always been there with a hearty "you go girl" and I love you all.

To Bambi & Pete, who would of guessed our journey would come this far. To our long friendship. many laughs, beautiful memories and future dreams. Wherever our paths lead, we'll always have each others backs.

To the catering staffs, chefs, sales staffs and special event staffs that taught me what it was like to work hard, create something beautiful and then give the gift of a special moment to someone else.

To the many blessed animals entwined throughout our lives. You have taught me awe for the beauty of nature, uncompromising love and the raw power of God.








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